What Are The 6 Types Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Dirty Carpets are the problem of every house, and every stain can not be removed at home. Sometimes we need some methods that are advised by experts. These professional carpet cleaning methods are very useful because they help us to remove hard stains. 

professional carpet cleaning

Here are some professional carpet cleaning methods:-

1. Application of the Bonnet carpet cleaning method

When we say Bonnet Carpet Cleaning, this is the method of a professional carpet cleaner. We are going to be using scrub pads that are immersed in a soap solution and allowed to rotate at a high RPM. While it is possible to clean carpets on your own, this will rarely produce results like those of an expert cleaner. Experts know which methods to use for the type of carpet.

2. Application of Hot Water Extraction

While hot water extraction is a great option for cleaning outdoor area rugs, it is not the ideal carpet-cleaning method for full-home carpeting. This has the advantages of lower humidity and faster drying times. But we recommend to follow the Carpet Treatment with Hot Water Extraction. It will deep clean your own carpets.

3. Using the steam carpet cleaning method to remove stains

Commonly known as steam carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaners use hot water to stir up carpet fibres and dislodge the mud from your carpet. When it comes to steam carpet cleaning, experts use hot water to penetrate the carpet fibres and dissolve any dust or dirt that is deep in the carpet.

4. Using vacuum Cleaning Method

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris within the fibres of the carpets. Once it is dry, encapsulated dirt can be swept up with a blower or vacuum, leaving a cleaner carpet.

If your carpet is still damp or moist, use your vacuum to remove any water. Then, the professional carpet cleaners will use the vacuum machine to pull out the cleaning solution. They leave your carpet looking super clean.

5. Utilisation of a cleaning solution to remove the stain

Apply the cleaning solution to the carpet, and a machine scrubs it. Then they spray A liquid cleaning solution on the surface to loosen the stains. This will be helpful in cleaning the carpet.

6. The encapsulation carpet cleaning method

The Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Method uses special synthetic cleaners that, upon drying, crystallise, creating a powder that a carpet cleaner removes after the cleaning process. Steam cleaners are generally preferred by carpet manufacturers because they will not damage your carpet fibres and they rarely leave behind any residue. Steam cleaning uses warm, high-pressure water deep into the fibres of your carpet, breaking down the dirt and bacteria deep inside. Because the hot water used in the process reaches temperatures of 220 degrees, the process of steaming your carpets will also disinfect them, killing off harmful germs and pathogens.


These professional methods are the best when you can’t seek help from DIY methods. These methods also save you the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning company. These companies also use these methods, but the difference is that they have better equipment and highly trained carpet cleaning professionals. You should also try these methods.